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In 2013 I learned that I had prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 7 in 2 of the 11 core samples.   The cancer was isolated and had not spread to other organs.
I did not have an enlarged prostate and my PSA was 2.4

My wife and I conducted in-depth medical research and met with various specialists regarding treatment options for my prostate cancer.   It soon became very clear that HIFU was my best option.

How fortunate we were to be staying in Puerto Vallarta at that time and to have available Dr. Carlos Garcia a pioneer in the use of the Sonablate 500 and Head of Cancer Treatment Center HIFU Mexico.  We were from our very first meeting so much impressed by Dr. Garcia’s ability to communicate clearly and precisely all aspects of the Sonablate device and the treatment and follow-up that I would undergo.  Dr. Garcia’s interpersonal skills are exceptional and his compassion along with his sense of humor are effectively used in putting his patients at ease.

Dr. Garcia’s possesses remarkable knowledge, skills and experience in this field of HIFU cancer treatment that has been acknowledged by his peers world-wide.   It was easy to place our total trust and confidence in him.

I entered the hospital at 8 o’clock to be received by his professional group of support staff that prepared me for the HIFU treatment.  The anaethesiologist introduced himself and explained in detail what he would be doing.   Approximately three hours later I woke up with no pain nor discomfort.   Left the hospital a few hours later had dinner that evening with a glass of wine!

The catheter was taken out four days later.  Followed-up with periodic PSA tests over the following 12 months.  All tests indicated no evidence of cancer.  Also I had no negative side effects regarding  continence or potency.  Needless to say we will always hold the highest regard for Dr. Carlos Garcia Gutierrez and his team!

Muchas gracias a todos!


Ottawa, Canada

Hi, my name is David, I live in Morelia, Michoacán, México. My satisfaction and gratitude to Dr. Carlos Garcia for the results of my treatment with HIFU in October 2014.  After HIFU my prostate-specific antigen is 0.77, which is very good. This treatment improved my quality of life. I reiterate my thanks to the doctor and his team and wish to remain so professional and so warm with patients, their treatment is excellent. Thank You.

David Ramírez

Michoacán, México

My wife and I flew to Puerto Vallarta from DFW on a Thursday afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed the accommodations at the Sheraton Buganvillas and found a great liquor store within walking distance we purchased great tequila and Irish whiskey with which we celebrated the onset and outcome of the HIFU procedure.

The scenery was gorgeous- the HIFU team quickly established a warm and thoroughly kind and professional relationship. They explained every aspect of the procedure as many times as we nervously required the re-telling of it. There was great levity as well as abundant reassurance. Someone from the HIFU team was always only a few steps away from us at the hotel and hospital.

We still have telephone contact 2 months after the procedure. My prostate was extremely large, requiring additional hours of HIFU treatment. I wore a catheter for about 5 weeks afterwards, without incident.

At no time did I require even so much as an aspirin for pain. I am now cancer free. My wife and I enjoy a healthy sexual relationship, and our prayers have been answered.


Greenville, Texas

My experience was first class!! As my contact, Maria played a very important role. She was responsive to my questions via telephone and email and helped me deal with my need for information as well as my fears.

The hospital in Puerto Vallarta was top-notch. I was amazed to have two orderlies rush out to help us out of the taxi. The facility was excellent. The recovery room felt like a hotel suite and my wife and I were well looked after. Having a personal nurse stay with me during recovery was an unexpected treat. She was wonderfully attentive the whole time. I wanted to bring her home with me but my wife had other ideas!!

As promised, I walked into the hospital under only own power, and walked out seven hours later. Your staff drove my wife and I to our hotel and escorted us right to our room. The level of care and service the whole time was first class.

About an hour after leaving the hospital, I was enjoying a beer by the beach.

I must add that the anesthesiologist was masterful. He kept me at a threshold level during the procedure that was careful and not overdone. I came to a couple of times and he talked calmly to me and put me back under. I suffered no after effects at all.

Considering that I have had very minimal hospital experiences in the past, this whole experience was much, much better than I had feared. A root canal a few years ago was much worse.

Chris Abbotsford,

British Columbia


In short, we, my wife and I were and are delighted with all aspects of the HIFU clinic in Puerto Vallarta. My 90-day PSA measure is coming up on the 29th of this month and I am looking forward to it. I will follow-up and let you know what it is. I must tell you, also, that the other options are almost criminal when you compare the results, side-effects and consequences with HIFU. Now to my case specifically.

My wife discovered HIFU on the internet late on the Friday night of December 9th and the name of the HIFU doctor in Puerto Vallarta. We called Dr. Garcia’s office Saturday, but he was in the hospital. Then, reluctantly, at the urging of his assistant, we called him on his cell. Once he received the message, he responded right away and we scheduled a meeting for January 2006. We were scheduled to see a radiologist in San Diego to discuss external beam radiation or brachytherapy treatments. After the radiologist consultation we were definitely convinced to go with HIFU.

In the meantime we go in touch with USHIFU directly and talked to three different patients who had received the treatment. So finally on January 25th, 2006  we met with Dr. Garcia and had the treatment the following day.

The procedure went well. Dr. Garcia performed a cytoscopy to check the tone of the sphincter of urethra because in July 2004, I was in a car accident and suffered a rupture of the urethra. Anyhow, we had dinner in the room that same night of the procedure. The next morning, we had breakfast on the patio restaurant of the hotel, took a walk on the beach and then went into old Vallarta for lunch and some shopping. We returned to Cuernavaca the following day. Since then I have suffered only very mild and limited incontinence with seemingly daily improvement. In summary I’m looking forward to the PSA measure and will follow up to let you know about that.


San Diego, CA

Hi, my name is Jim, I live in Phoenix (Peoria), Arizona. Here is my HIFU story:

When my doctor informed me that the biopsy for Prostate cancer had come back positive, everyone kept telling me how easily cured I would be. Prostate cancer, if found early enough, is indeed highly curable. What they don’t tell you is the details concerning the operation itself or the side effects with which you will have to live.

A person has five choices for treatment of prostate cancer in the United States. They are: watchful waiting, radical prostatectomy, seeds, radiation, or hormones. Each has considerable drawbacks. Who wants to live with cancer and be constantly monitored by a doctor. Radical prostatectomy, while highly effective, often leaves the patient incontinent and impotent unless he is lucky enough to have insurance that will pay for nerve sparing surgery.

Recovery takes a considerable amount of time. Implanted seeds mean the patient is full of radioactivity, and if they are not properly placed, they can affect bowel and bladder function. Who needs that? Radiation, while more perfected than previously, leaves one unable to ejaculate, possibly impotent, and once done, the patient is not a candidate for other treatments if the cancer returns. Hormones have their own side effects and require continuous monitoring.

My wife and I never even considered watchful waiting, hormones, or radical prostatectomy, so those were off the list immediately. We began to look for the best possible cure with the least amount of side effects that would alter my quality of life.

The first doctor I saw recommended the seeds. He made the whole procedure sound like a walk in the park. We agreed and were ready to leave when he filled me in on the details. I wouldn’t be able to work or ride a bike for a considerable period of time. I would have to stay away from my small grandchildren because I would be radioactive. I probably would not be able to have an erection. I should consider the possibility of bowel or bladder involvement which might leave me incontinent or worse. Wow! This is a walk in the park?

We researched radiation on the computer and discovered that while it did not have the down-time of the seeds, it was an irreversible decision. When we saw a radiologist, he explained that I would probably not be able to ejaculate, and I would not be able to have further treatment if the cancer was not completely gone, because the damage to surrounding tissues would not allow the skin to hold together during surgery. A radical prostatectomy would not be an option if future treatment was needed. Nevertheless, I decided on this procedure and had scheduled an appointment to begin treatment when my wife said, Hold off. Call these people at HIFU. The more we read and learned about HIFU, the more convinced we were that it was the best option.

I sent my records from my disapproving doctors here in the U.S., the folks at HIFU made all the arrangements for my airfare, my hotel, and my stay in Puerto Vallarta, and I was on my way to Mexico. The hotel was beautiful, the scenery was magnificent, and the procedure went like clockwork. HIFU personnel picked my up at my hotel, took me to the American Hospital, which was clean and staffed by HIFU employees, and in a few hours, I was on my way back to the hotel.

We flew home the day after the procedure, and I was back at work in a week with no pain, no surgery, no radiation, no hormones, no down-time

The only downside was having a catheter for twenty-one days, but that passed quickly and really didn’t interfere needlessly with my life. I found a doctor here in the valley who was willing to monitor my progress, and it seemed that each week I saw improvement. The urinary frequency which was              caused by my enlarged prostate, has dramatically improved. My wife laughs and says I am no longer hunting for the nearest restroom when we are out shopping. My sex life is back to about what it was before; sometimes great and sometimes just so-so. Hey, I’m seventy-one. I didn’t expect miracles.

I was worried about the cost of the procedure, but when one considers the positive results, the price can’t be beat. People spend forty and fifty thousand dollars on cars and never blink an eye about the cost. This procedure saved my life, got rid of my cancer, and made it possible for me to retain the life-style I was enjoying before the diagnosis.

It has now been a little over three months since I went to Mexico. My doctor here in the valley says everything looks great and pronounced me free of cancer. I had my first PSA result two weeks ago. It was 0.6. How cool is that?


Peoria, Arizona