My wife and I flew to Puerto Vallarta from DFW on a Thursday afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed the accommodations at the Sheraton Buganvillas and found a great liquor store within walking distance we purchased great tequila and Irish whiskey with which we celebrated the onset and outcome of the HIFU procedure.

The scenery was gorgeous- the HIFU team quickly established a warm and thoroughly kind and professional relationship. They explained every aspect of the procedure as many times as we nervously required the re-telling of it. There was great levity as well as abundant reassurance. Someone from the HIFU team was always only a few steps away from us at the hotel and hospital.

We still have telephone contact 2 months after the procedure. My prostate was extremely large, requiring additional hours of HIFU treatment. I wore a catheter for about 5 weeks afterwards, without incident.

At no time did I require even so much as an aspirin for pain. I am now cancer free. My wife and I enjoy a healthy sexual relationship, and our prayers have been answered.


Greenville, Texas

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