In short, we, my wife and I were and are delighted with all aspects of the HIFU clinic in Puerto Vallarta. My 90-day PSA measure is coming up on the 29th of this month and I am looking forward to it. I will follow-up and let you know what it is. I must tell you, also, that the other options are almost criminal when you compare the results, side-effects and consequences with HIFU. Now to my case specifically.

My wife discovered HIFU on the internet late on the Friday night of December 9th and the name of the HIFU doctor in Puerto Vallarta. We called Dr. Garcia’s office Saturday, but he was in the hospital. Then, reluctantly, at the urging of his assistant, we called him on his cell. Once he received the message, he responded right away and we scheduled a meeting for January 2006. We were scheduled to see a radiologist in San Diego to discuss external beam radiation or brachytherapy treatments. After the radiologist consultation we were definitely convinced to go with HIFU.

In the meantime we go in touch with USHIFU directly and talked to three different patients who had received the treatment. So finally on January 25th, 2006  we met with Dr. Garcia and had the treatment the following day.

The procedure went well. Dr. Garcia performed a cytoscopy to check the tone of the sphincter of urethra because in July 2004, I was in a car accident and suffered a rupture of the urethra. Anyhow, we had dinner in the room that same night of the procedure. The next morning, we had breakfast on the patio restaurant of the hotel, took a walk on the beach and then went into old Vallarta for lunch and some shopping. We returned to Cuernavaca the following day. Since then I have suffered only very mild and limited incontinence with seemingly daily improvement. In summary I’m looking forward to the PSA measure and will follow up to let you know about that.


San Diego, CA

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