My experience was first class!! As my contact, Maria played a very important role. She was responsive to my questions via telephone and email and helped me deal with my need for information as well as my fears.

The hospital in Puerto Vallarta was top-notch. I was amazed to have two orderlies rush out to help us out of the taxi. The facility was excellent. The recovery room felt like a hotel suite and my wife and I were well looked after. Having a personal nurse stay with me during recovery was an unexpected treat. She was wonderfully attentive the whole time. I wanted to bring her home with me but my wife had other ideas!!

As promised, I walked into the hospital under only own power, and walked out seven hours later. Your staff drove my wife and I to our hotel and escorted us right to our room. The level of care and service the whole time was first class.

About an hour after leaving the hospital, I was enjoying a beer by the beach.

I must add that the anesthesiologist was masterful. He kept me at a threshold level during the procedure that was careful and not overdone. I came to a couple of times and he talked calmly to me and put me back under. I suffered no after effects at all.

Considering that I have had very minimal hospital experiences in the past, this whole experience was much, much better than I had feared. A root canal a few years ago was much worse.

Chris Abbotsford,
British Columbia

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