What is the next step once I have decided that HIFU is right for me?

Once you have decided that the minimally invasive outpatient HIFU procedure is right for you, the next step is to email us so that we can advise you on what medical information we will need from you, to prepare for your treatment date. The most common information that we will need from you are: Pathology Report/Biopsy Results, electrocardiogram, a letter for medical clearance from your internist or cardiologist stating that you are OK for anesthesia, pre-op lab studies and several questionnaires that we will send to you in a confirmation packet.  We are here to assist you every step of the way, so no worries if you are not sure how to obtain these items.

Does the cost of the procedure cover my travel and hotel expenses?

Because we have a very close corporate relationship with the Marriott Casa Magna and Westin properties here in Puerto Vallarta, we are able to offer you discounted, special rates.  The cost of the procedure does not include your hotel, airfare or meals. The cost of your procedure does include all of the treating physician fees, anesthesia, nursing care, operating room, recovery room and hospital fees. Transportation to and from the hotels and airport are included. We will arrange for your VIP reception and meet you at the airport.  Our driver will pick you up the day of your procedure and return you to your hotel at the end of the day.

How many days do I stay in Puerto Vallarta?

At minimum, you will need to stay two nights as you will need to attend a meeting with the nurse and physician the evening prior to your procedure. Although we would hope that you would stay and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a beachfront resort, you may return home the day after your procedure.  Again, your transportation from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the hospital facility, from the hospital to your hotel after your procedure and from your hotel to the airport are included in the price.

How do you take payment for the procedure?

Once you confirm which date you would like to have the procedure done we will send you a confirmation packet that will contain bank wiring instructions to print and take to your bank representative. The direct bank to bank wire transfer is the most secure way to pay for your hifu procedure as it provides a paper trail and way to track payment all along the way.

How do I know if I qualify for HIFU?

Please email or call us and discuss your case so that we can develop a personalized plan of care and determine of this outpatient based minimally invasive procedure is right for you.

Will the HIFU Mexico treatment center work with my urologist back home for post operative indications?

Yes, certainly. We will send a summary of your treatment to your local urologist and help him guide you through the recovery process.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of HIFU?

Although many patients have submitted for reimbursement after returning from receiving the treatment and many have received reimbursement, the patient is requried to pay in full up front out of pocket and then work with their insurance carrier after the procedure has been completed in order to petition for reimbursement.