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4. If the entire prostate is treated, does that include the urethra? What happens to the urethra? is it damaged?

The urethra consists of different anatomical segments. From the tip of the penis to the base of the bladder: the fossa navicularis, the pendulous urethra, the membranous urethra and the prostatic urethra. During HIFU, the entire prostate is ablated, including the prostatic urethra, as it can have cancerous cells in it. In doing so the end result is an empty cavity that acts like a conduit during normal urination. However, the urethra is derived from a different type of tissue (derived from the bladder squamous type epithelium) vs. prostatic tissue (glandular, fibrotic and muscular) and regenerates/re-epithelializes with time. The sphincter and bladder neck are the vital structures with respect to maintenance of urinary function NOT the urethra. These vital structures are not affected or harmed during HIFU.

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